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“On no question can a perfect unanimity be hoped.” Thomas Jefferson

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“Reason and free inquiry are the only effective agents against error. Give a loose to them, they will support the true religion by bringing every false one to their tribunal, to the test of their investigation.” Thomas Jefferson
Ronald - Silent No More Majority

Your Blog Author, On The Scene In Afghanistan

Okay, I have not been posting since arriving in country in mid-September, other than the self-gratifying pompous post about the article written on me in November.  I seem to have hit a lull in the action over here and thanks to one of my blogging buddies, Kim Jossfolk, who writes the “Just a Conservative girl” blog I have been inspired to try and get this site of my many rantings and pontifications  started again.

I have written a lot in a notebook of what I have seen over here so far and will be attempting to add some of it, along with my opinions on things at a somewhat regular clip.  So, for those who used to enjoy reading my blog before (all 30 or so) but gave up on me months ago, I shall attempt to redeem myself over the coming months.  Plus, I’m also sure all of the atheists and Ron Paul supporters have missed posting hateful comments here as well.

Author: Ronald - Silent No More Majority

I have been serving on active duty in the United States Marine Corps for 17 years. Originally from the "Show Me State" I believe in action over symbolism and "doing" over "feeling", and I'm a staunch, Constitution following, Reagan Conservative

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