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Stephen Moore’s Ridiculous Anti-Clean Energy Rant

Hard right-winger Stephen Moore took a break from pushing debunked trickle-down economic policies to take a pathetic shot at clean energy.  Let the stupid begin. …radical Greens, one of the most influential political forces in America today… Seriously?  He goes on to mention the famed Sierra Club as one of these forces.  And where did they rank in 2013 on lobbying: 755.  In fact, if we look at the top 50 interest groups giving to members of Congress this year, no sign ...

Anti-Israel Policies/Actions Is Not Anti-Semitsim

There have been growing protests in Europe against the mass murder of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by the State of Israel. These actions are in response to the IDF killing 500 Muslims there with the vast majority of them being civilians. But what is troubling about these movements is, according to this article in the NYT, an anti-Semitic tinge has taken place at these protests. The story reads that in France: Several recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Paris have boiled over ...

Warren For President?

Today at the the annual Netroots Nation conference in Detroit, the nation’s largest gathering of liberal activists and organizers, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) reportedly drew an applause that Hillary could only dream of. According to NYT and Politico reports, Warren was a rock-star while Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic candidate for President, was absent. Warren’s populist talking points and her history of taking Wall Street to task (remember that Warren was an early advocate for the creation of a new Consumer Financial ...

Social Protest Literatue at Sparking The Left

Here at STL we are starting a new feature. In between our political-insight posts, I will start publishing excerpts or entire pieces of great literature that speak to crucial social and political issues which span the centuries. Though almost all in the Western tradition, the subject matters are transcendental. Now first to name my source, I am taking pieces from Upton Sinclair’s selected and edited collection “The Cry for Justice: An Anthology of the Great Social Protest Literature of All Time.” ...

Pulitzer-Winning Journalist Detained for Being Undocumented

I was first brought aware of Jose Antonio Vargas’ story last week in a piece he penned in Politico. He explained that he was in the Rio Grande Valley, in the city of McAllen, just north of the Mexican border. He was there to see first hand the tens of thousands of undocumented children, most of them from Central America, and observe how they were being treated. The trip was also used for a news conference appearance and vigil organized by United We Dream, ...

GOP Refuses Funding for Border Children Projects

A humanitarian crisis unseen before at our borders is becoming more and more urgent everyday at Rio Grande Valley, TX, and other Southwest locations. And yet the GOP is arguing over numbers. Yesterday President Obama requested an amount of $3.7 billion from Congress to help aid the 57,000 unaccompanied minors who illegally crossed the border from the Mexico side since October. They are mostly from violence-ridden Central American countries, like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (Honduras has the world’s highest murder ...

Problems galore for the new government headed by Mr. Narendra Modi in New Delhi – Imperative for the first time PM and his council of ministers in governance amidst multiple challenges

The phenomenal victory for Mr. Narendra Modi and his party (the BJP) in May 2014 general elections has not only drawn the adulation of people world over but also silenced all its die hard critics at home and abroad. It was so stupendous and stunning that even the American government and its top leaders across party lines acknowledged Mr. Modi as the emerging democratic leader of the world, setting aside their past antagonism as an error of judgment, not based ...

Embarrassing Weekend for NSA and CIA Good for Democracy

U.S. intelligence took a couple of pretty hard slaps in its face this past weekend and, when reading the articles about their wasteful and ridiculous actions, the slaps were clearly justified. First off, it was announced on Friday that Germany had arrested a man accused of spying for the United States and passing on the details of a German parliamentary committee’s investigation.  It’s pretty disgraceful that the U.S. is spending taxpayer dollars to buy spies so we can know about an ...

Has Putin Over Reached Once Too Often?

My, oh my.  We've watched this man make mince meat of Obama over the past several years.  Each time you could see the smirk broaden and the swagger get more pronounced. He and his allies - Iran, China, Syria and North Korea were truly enjoying themselves. But as happens with a lot of bullies, they get over confident and suddenly everything around them collapses. I'm wondering if this is the case with the downing of the Malaysian passenger jet. With the death ...

If Only It WERE The Heat!

What a day.  A passenger plane has been shot down over Ukraine uncomfortably close to the Russian border. Hamas reneged on the humanitarian cease fire so Israel launched their ground offensive. Children still pour across the border while Congress dithers. It's now being reported parents are giving them birth control in case they are raped during the journey. Along that line former member of Congress, Todd Aiken, who once talked about legitimate rape and the idea that women's bodies protected them from becoming ...

Hannity's Histrionics

For a person who doesn't have much faith in the intellect of pundits, I wonder why I watch them so often.  I wonder even more why the cable outlets and networks that employ them don't take more care in who they hire. Many of them get on crusades that bear no resemblance to reality.  Sean Hannity is one of the most prominent. The night before last  he was on his Bowe Bergdahl kick demanding to know why he was returned to ...

Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words?

If the President could run away from the border mess any faster I'm sure he would. It's being said it's because being seen in the setting of kids crammed into confined spaces with their scabies and lice would reflect badly on him.  It could even be his Katrina.  Well, maybe.  But who's fault is that? It goes to show his handlers aren't as smart as they think they are.  For one, drinking beer and shooting pool in Colorado, a state where ...

The Kids Always Went Home

Watching the immigration mess going full bore brought to mind a lot of things that have involved children from other nations.  The first thing that comes to mind is the Disney song It's a Small World After All that speaks to all we have in common. Hopes, dreams, all the warm fuzzy stuff. We've had exchange student programs where a student from another country lives with a local family to learn not only academics but what life in American and Americans ...

The Militia Is Coming, The Militia Is Coming!

That's all we need! News has it a call has gone out for militia, both unarmed and armed, to gather along the border to help private land owners protect their property in something called Operation Save Our Borders.  Terrific! Remember how well it went when militia turned out to help to  help Cliven Bundy in his fight over Federal grazing rights in Nevada?  It came within a hair's breadth of turning violent. I really feel for the border towns who are the ...

Will Cheney Help Or Hurt The Republicans In The Mid-Terms?

Will the re-emergence of Dick Cheney help or hurt the Republicans in the mid-terms?  There is so much going on about which voters are rightfully incensed my guess he will have little impact. I think it depends, however, on what happens in the middle east over the next couple of months. Those who believe it wouldn't be in the mess it is if it weren't for the Bush/Cheney policies and rush to war will be reminded of just that - the ...

So Sue Me

I often wonder these days how our country is going to survive the remainder of Obama's term.  Whether or not you agree with the Supreme Court decisions, they have been made never-the-less and the President has been slapped down on many occasions.  Sometimes unanimously. So why, I wonder, has the President decided to continue his mantra of it's my way or the highway.  He complains endlessly about the Republicans refusal to work with him.  House Speaker Boehner explains one reason is ...

We are sensible of the duty and expediency of submitting our opinions to the will of the majority, and can wait with patience till they get right if they happen to be at any time wrong. Thomas Jefferson
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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Yes! Democrats Do Spend Responsibly!

“Have you ever heard a Democrat, Progressive, or Socialist call for less spending or more responsible spending by our government?”

When I read that question—and a whole lot of others like it—I start smelling an air head comment that most likely comes from Radical Far Right Conservatism’s continually-blaring propaganda and which, for whatever the reason makes no point at all but is nothing more than an attempt to throw dirt on something that might have a Liberal lean to it.

The answer I am going to give to this question includes a resounding “Yes! Our government has done some mighty reasonable and necessary spending–mostly under Democrats!  Social Security is one such item and the Works Progress Administration and The Tennessee Valley Authority are two more.”

If any of the obtuse participants in the Radicalized Conservative Ideology that caused the asking of such a question has a parent or a relative who got their education with the G.I. Bill or if they have a grand parent who is on Social Security or Medicare or if they have ever gotten government assistance of any kind for any reason, (Maybe they have gotten a Pell Grant or some other educational assistance), then they should be aware that there are some useful and necessary government programs out there. If this is the case, then such a person really has no case with all the “Socialism” rhetoric aimed at our government in my opinion.

I am also going to point out that for eight long years of a fairly recent Conservative-dominated administration, the government did more useless spending than it had in all it’s history, thus bringing the nation to the brink of destruction which is still evidenced by our present recession– a damage factor that has unknown potential…even yet!

America will be paying for the outrageous spending programs of the previous Conservative administration for ages and ages yet to come! And to expect President Obama to clean up this mess in only three years or so in the face of all his obstructionist opponents who have only one desire in life– the desire to make sure he is only a one-term President— to expect him to work such a miracle is totally unrealistic and unfair!

The complaint has been made from some on the side of Conservatism that Democrats always want to “Raise” taxes and that no Democrat has ever complained that the government might be spending too much money.

The problem with an idea  like that is that in my experience, anyway, there are some on the Far Right who dearly love to talk about smaller government and lower taxes—until they get the reigns of power!  After that, they have more often than not demonstrated themselves to be worse at government building and money spending than Democrats could ever hope to be.

I also remember that during the most recent nightmare of a Conservative  administration, when all that spending was going on for unjustified wars and faith-based programs and all the rest of it, if anyone dared to speak in opposition to anything the government was doing, that person was quickly branded as Anti-American and, in some of the more ridiculous instances, even “Traitorous.” It was not a good time for Freedom of Speech.

Some Conservative types are telling me that there are entire government departments that could be dismantled without hurting anyone.  Some suggestions have been The Department of Education, The Environmental Protection Agency and even The Justice Department. (Radical Extreme Conservatism in particular seems to absolutely hate any kind of law enforcement that might keep some  less honest operators from robbing the nation dry.)

The article I was reading seems to accuse Democrats in particular, of being insensitive to the “Average” voter and “Those Actually In Need.”

My response to that is, “Take a look at how  some of the obstructionists in Congress and at some state levels have tried so hard and so long to dismantle all the Democrat-instituted social safety net programs and say that kind of bull crap to me again!”  Ask that divorced Mother of three children who tries to keep body and soul together with a job at some low-paying fast food operation how much Conservatism cares for her and her kids!

Some idiots who write stuff like I am talking about must be so insulated by Radical Conservatism’s protective little cocoon of fantasy that they can not ever see outside the protected walls of their excess.  So my question is, “How do they think themselves qualified to be analysts of the political spectrum? Do they say this stuff because they are so insecure and need a little attention from someone who does not live in their Revisionist little world?

Why is it that when some of these victims of Radicalized Conservatism write about Democrats, Liberals and Progresives  that the Lefties are always referred to as “Communists, Socialists or Filthy Hippies?”

Can’t the complaining Far Right Wing Extremists who talk like this not understand the damage they may be doing to our Democratic Republic with their own vitriolic, hate-spewing rhetoric?  (I mean if someone is going to throw rocks at me…then I am going to throw some back, right?)

(Posted by John Liming as part of his continuing Diaries Of Political Opinion).

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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