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Will America Now Begin To Crush Protests?

I never thought I would live to see the day when heavily armed Riot Police would descend on peaceful political protesters in America.  It just never occurred to me that our Democracy was capable of supporting such outrages.

I guess there were a lot of other people who were naive enough to think they actually had the rights that are supposed to be guaranteed under The First Amendment To The Constitution of The United States. But there are also the questions that have been raised about how far those “Rights” were intended to go.

For example, one might ask the question, “What right did the Civil Rights Marchers have to disrupt private businesses by staging sit-ins?

One might ask the question, “What right did the Civil Rights Marchers have to disrupt the flow of traffic by marching en masse down the middle of city streets as the attack dogs and the fire hoses followed close behind?

Who could have even envisioned, a few years ago, American Police Riot Squads, looking more like armed Martians in their gear than human beings (Something out of a science fiction flick to some observers) actually pointing loaded military-style weapons at unarmed civilians?

It is nightmarish!

Is all this “Occupy Wall Street” stuff really the beginnings of a new American Revolution?  Will it eventually exceed a certain tipping point and turn violent like in the days of The Kent State Massacre? I am grateful that so far, all that has happened has been more or less non-violent. But are the seeds of something far worse being sown by a new authoritarianism on the part of municipal governmental leaders and their armed guards?

Is there a danger that as cities send more sophisticated police tactics against these protests the protests will intensify in defiance?  Then what?  How far will those in power be willing to push their authority and how much will the protesters be willing to resist? It is scary to me!

How is it that I can now come to the conclusion that what I thought was meant to serve and protect the People can also be used as an arm of he state to crush protests?  Is that even “American” in concept? Will there be the prospect of increased violence against protesters as the movement continues?

I cannot believe I actually read a story about an incident where an 84-year-old woman was maced at of these protester confrontations with police.  I cannot make myself believe that.

Will all this eventually come to the use of deadly force to clear the parks and the streets of protesters?  Can a “Real” American even ask such a question as that?  Is it within the realm of possibility?

What is the message that the 1% are trying to send to America and the world through their willingness to break out and use the concussion grenades, the tear gas and the rubber bullets against unarmed people gathering in parks and on streets to scream, yell and wave a few signs?

Where was all this police presence when the Tea Party groups were  out there waving their hate signs and wearing their guns in public places?  One never heard a peep out of local governments about those protesters. They were loud and they were noisy and they gathered in great numbers and I don’t remember hearing about any arrests then.

I wonder what people might be driven to do as more and more die for lack of affordable medical care and more and more put their children to bed hungry at night because they have no work because their jobs were sent overseas for cheaper labor?

Have I actually lived to see these kinds of times in America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth? Have I lived long enough to see this kind of turmoil in the Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave?

There is hope in all this.

It has long been a principle of Christian Faith that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil and that some people have strayed from their allegiance to their Faith for the sake of seeking and accumulating riches at the expense of the poor.

In doing these things, the powerful and moneyed elite are not aware of the arrows they may have pierced  themselves through with. I think the arrogant who live in ivory towers and who laugh at the plight of the poor are courting a time of many sorrows for themselves.

I think that God, in His Righteousness now sends His Spirit as a pillar of fire to light the way for those who have been ill treated and upon whom His Eyes are always beholding.

The truth is that if the cause of the Occupy People is a Righteous cause, then it shall not fail.  If the cause f the Occupy People is not a Righteous cause, it will go down into the flames of defeat.
That is not for me to judge..  That is a judgement that belongs to the ages.

I just pray that all who are involved– the Government officials, the Police and The Protesters, will seek common ground for a peaceful resolution to all grievances and remember that it is One God who governs all.

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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