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Who Can Afford Vacations?

There was a time in America when a working family could take a couple of weeks off work and get into their 8-passenger station wagon and load up the kids and set out for a distant amusement park and resort—have a great time on the road—stay overnight in a couple of posh motels—eat like satisfied pigs if they wanted to—buy souvenirs along the way—and live it up without worrying about the bank account.

Those were the days before Conservatives and Republicans and The Right Wing decided to start busting Unions and before the greed mongers on Wall Street started foaming at the mouth in their collective excitement over making millions more dollars by shipping good American jobs to foreign labor markets where people were more than willing to work like slaves for a pittance and for no hint of extra benefits.  What a boondoggle for the rich!  What a beginning of a new nightmare for Working America— the most productive workers in the world were now on the cusp of the worst shafting in history from the very bosses they were making filthy rich with their forced overtime and speeded up production lines.

Well, here we are—enjoying the fruits of Right Wing Economic Policy…Trickle Nowhere Economic Policy…Free Global Market Economy—the worker class is disappearing, the destitute class is growing by leaps and bounds and the Richie Reichtie is laughing all the way to the bank.

I imagine that it will be no time at all before the “Common, Ordinary” (Not-Rich) Citizen will be able to get a permit to take their family to the local fast food dumpsters to scrounge for still-edible sandwiches (If someone doesn’t throw laundry bleach into the dumpsters to keep “The Filthy Scum” from eating out of them.) (Been there; done that!)

I guess in these halcyon days of “Prosperity Conservative Style” a lot of folks who make their living at minimum wage (Or sometimes less) jobs are having to forget about using any vacation time they might have coming to them and are keeping the old nose to the grind stone in a desperate and probably futile attempt to keep their heads above water as the obstructionists, intransigents, deregulators, benefits wasters and other profit hawks stir  their stinking  little cauldrons of creative mischief to see if they can find new and creative ways to stick it to the common masses.

To those “Average” Americans (Workers, low income earners and Poor) who have managed to stay afloat in this raging sea of Right Wing Political Folly and Failure I can only say, “Aren’t you glad you vote Democrat?  Don’t you wish everyone did?”

There is something else that is haunting me as I write this blog post too and I have to get it off my chest along with the rest of this disturbing and unsettling stuff.

Does anyone realize that in the state of Ohio (A relatively representative gathering of “Average” Americans along with their Rich neighbors—a fair balance of economies—the average weekly wage is claimed to be at around the $800 level?)

Some worker is making over $800-a-week and someone else is calling that an “Average” wage? Crap! Let me at those kinds of “Average” wages!  Where can I get one of those kind of jobs?

I was thinking that with the unemployment running rampant in Ohio and everywhere else apparently the “Average” wage might be more like whatever food stamps and unemployment benefits could manage to pay.

What is this $800-a-week stuff?

Grocery baggers don’t make that much, do they? How about the folks who sling burgers or the ones who read gas meters or the ones who hoist garbage cans onto those nasty white and gray city trucks….are they making that kind of money and calling it “Average?”


I thought the great Conservative Recession that we are all enjoying so much caused payrolls to be trimmed to the bare bones! Maybe the $800 is average because there aren’t all that many people really working and the ones that are working toil away in some of those places where advanced ivy league college degrees are required to get a parking space.

What kind of lifestyles are people living that they fear to take a couple of days off for vacations each year because they are afraid that they might have to work a lot more overtime when they get back off their little fun time trips?

I keep hearing my Right Wing acquaintances (I would never describe them as “Friends”) bragging about how people can really succeed if they just work harder.

Well, my precious readers and friends in Blog Land, the way I see it is that people are working their tail ends off and are still sinking in the mire the last Republican Administration left for us.

Oh we are coming back!  We have had 25 straight months of continued economic improvement because of the policies of a President and an administration who care enough to fight tigers in Obstructionist Heaven to try and get some constructive things done for us—but the recovery is admittedly slow—and now we are faced with the possibility that the Right Wing could get elected again in 2012 and take us right back to square one by repeating the same old policies that got us into this mess in the first place?

Check this out while you are here: If the economy does slow a but more as some are predicting, it will be because of European Stock market jitters and the blow back from over there.  It will not be because of President Obama’s fiscal policies although I believe that Reichtie will take every opportunity to play that old record for all the propaganda value it might be worth.

I think people ought to take their earned vacation days because if Reichtie gets hold of the government in 2012, there will be no reason to give up vacation days because the situation will deteriorate to the point where vacations are totally out of the question and everyone will be working like the automatons in the motion picture “Metropolis.” It could become “Orwellian.”

What a shame!  What a dreadful shame that so many people allowed themselves to be hornswooggled into voting Conservative in 2000 and 2004!  The price tag for that mis adventure will still be on the merchandise of life for the unforseeable future as far as I can tell—and, of course, that is my opinion like every thing I write is my opinion!

(Posted by John Liming as part of his continuing Diaries of Political Opinion and Inquiry.)

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Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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