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Where Do Conservative LGBT People Stand?

Since Our President has shown the courage to take a stand on Gay Rights in America, it seems the leadership of The Right Wing haven’t had too much to say about it.

What I am waiting for is to see if and when Rightie is going to start working to get their evangelical religious support base riled up about this sensitive and important social issue.

Of course, the sledding may not be so easy for them on this one because, as I understand it, there are many, many people who may be LBGT and who also embrace Conservative values.

In my opinion, this would be the time for all LBGT Conservatives to get on the side of the candidate for President whom they can absolutely trust to defend their Rights and that candidate is none other than Barack Obama, President of The United States of America.

America has long been called “The Land of The Free.

Right and Left Wingers alike have always boasted about the Freedoms, Rights and Liberties on which this nation is founded.

Now, once again, we have an opportunity to make sure that Freedom is for everyone and cannot be selectively applied in a great Democratic Republic like this one.

I have often said, “Freedom For All or Freedom For None.”

This is a great opportunity for all those “Patriot” types who are always yelling about The Constitution and their “Rights” to show some courage of their own and get behind The President on this issue.

I cannot, for the life of me, see how any LBGT person would even consider voting against their best interests in 2012.

I cannot understand how anyone who actually believes in The Constitution or in Human Dignity and Rights could vote any other way than Democrat in 2012. 

Here, again  in my opinion, is an opportunity for all Real Christians to stand up for the principles of their beliefs and show some love toward fellow Citizens who may have just a little different take on Life than some others and who need to be included fully into this Democratic Republic with the same acceptance  that they are shown in the Heavenly Realms where there is “No Respecter Of Persons.”

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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