There is no such thing as truth in the free press. Never was, never will be…

Every news medium has an agenda of some sort. The larger sources are corporate-driven and profit-motivated, more concerned with ratings, market share and delivering revenue to their shareholders. Even the smaller news sources such as blogs offer their own slant and agendas, whether they be for-profit, political, religious or rebellious oriented. It is a sad state of affairs…

The saddest part is that the gullible viewers gobble this spew up like turkey dressing on Thanksgiving. They hear what they want to hear and swear it to be gospel. When I listen to the loudest voices defending an ideal, I can pick the sound bites out of the conversation and immediately know which news medium they subscribe to.

Where has cynicism gone? Have we lost all skepticism? No one tells the truth. The truth is always hidden between the untruths, and every voice provides a personal bias, slant or twist. 

The truth, based on my own personal slant, is that the average person chooses not to think any deeper than is necessary to form an opinion. For some it can be as short as a fifteen second sound bite. When a Fox News contributor spins personal political beliefs combined with a dash of truth, it becomes news. Suddenly they acquire hordes of followers professing the legitimacy of the drivel they absorbed simply because they choose not to think for themselves.

When a talking head brings on a guest, then spends more time spinning their personal views other than that of their guest, you wonder why they even bothered to bring a guest on at all other than for name recognition to be used as window dressing.

Wake up people… The truth is, everything you hear is twisted, bent and biased. It requires thinking through all the fodder, taking nothing as the absolute truth and forming your own opinion.

I pose this question to anyone who chooses to reply. Can you give me the name of any human that speaks the absolute truth? Of course you cannot. It is only the truth as they choose to see it.

My advice is, embrace your cynicism and perpetuate your skepticism. Take everything you hear as a grain of salt filling your own shaker based on those cumulative individual grains. Make decisions based on your own conclusions.

Enjoy the CNN’s, Fox’s, MSNBC’s for what they are.., biased, slanted, agenda-driven, profit-motivated spewers of untruths. No matter what you hear, understand it is not the truth. (except for maybe John Stewart)

Author: A Realpolitik - The Jefferson Tree

The Jefferson Tree – Is a bi-partisan centrist blog seeking to combine extreme views into much needed workable solutions. It is our intention to provide opposing political views from across the spectrum allowing visitors to form conclusions by reading both sides of the discussion.

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