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The Fat Liberal Goes Grocery Shopping!

The Fat Liberal  went grocery shopping this morning and the one that I am writing about in this blog post is—me! 

I am elderly, eccentric, mouthy, opinionated and—26 pounds overweight, but I am also fuzzy, kind, usually fairly considerate (Depending on who I am dealing with) caring…all the things that one would normally associate with a Liberal Democrat Progressive.

I am thinking about switching my allegiances to “The Green Party” because Rosanne Barr is talking on some talk shows about running for President on the Green Party—which, incidentally has “Empowering The Little Guy” as part of it’s operational platform according to my best understanding of it.

Haven’t quite got there yet, but I am tossing it around in my head.  After all, it is still a Progressive party and I am sure there are a lot more smiling faces in it than there in some of those loud-mouthed, angry-faced intransigent Obstructionist -stacked political outfits that I could mention—but for the sake of common decency, won’t mention right now.  But here is a hint for those who like to exercise their noggin power:

Think of a pair of light-colored, extremely tight fitting (Often too tight fitting) spandex panty-hose-looking trousers with a pair of shiny black leather boots up to the knees, a long-john underwear shirt dyed for the occasion and a tri corn hat, a powdered white wig—a cap and ball musket, a red pickup truck with a gun rack, several hate signs advocating overthrow of the government and the graduation certificate from the 5th grade to prove authority to rewrite The Constitution—and a firm and unshakeable resolve to refuse to compromise on anything—two hound dogs who may or may not have been claimed on last year’s individual income tax forms as dependents…

There you go! Remember that awkward moment in History ?

Anyways, I went to the grocery store this morning and, as usual, got my regular reminder  about what it is like to live in a recession (Caused by Conservative recklessness).

Before I ever picked up the first item off the shelves, I encountered a series of individuals with extremely stern and scowling grimaces on their faces who I instantly judged (Right or Wrong) to be Extreme Right Wingers.

I say that because I don’t remember ever seeing anyone afflicted with Radical Conservatism who ever smiled at anything unless they were doing their best to keep some elderly voter from finding the right table at the precinct or were strapping their dogs to the top of their mini vans.

Anyway, I picked up my little jar of honey—produced most likely by good old American Self-Reliant Right Wing Entrepreneurship— and it cost $8.99.  I remember when you could buy a jar of honey that size for $1.99—but that was before the age of Free Global Markets and Trickle Up Dumb-o-nomics.”

I guess really poor people have to chase down a herd of bees and find a honey tree if they are going to eat honey because they darned well probably will not be able to afford to buy a jar in a store.

But then again—running down the herd of bees to rob the honey would be more of a Radical Conservative Self-Reliance thing wouldn’t it?  So maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all except perhaps for the owner of the honey factory who is probably building his second or third mansion on an island somewhere in The pacific—where he or she might also stash their money in order to avoid paying U.S. Taxes on it.

I got a loaf of whole wheat bread for $2.99 and I thought that was a real deal because the same brand of bread as the one I bought usually goes for $4.99.

It occurred to me at that point, “Hmmm!  I wonder why this bakery had to reduce their selling price by so much? Could it be that their “Great Grab It All” mentality has finally caught up to them in the recession and they are having as much trouble giving their overpriced swill away as they are selling it?  I thought to myself, “If that is the case, then poetic justice!”

Could this be another case of mis-applied Republican-Style Economic Theory proving itself to be the end of another hapless Business type who placed faith in it? Live and learn is what I always say!

Got me some peanut butter for $3.89 too. (The natural kind that you don’t have to stir.)

My whole bill (Along with the little book of crossword puzzles that I crammed into the bag at the last minute) came to $20.10 after the lying automated check out informed me that I had saved a certain amount of money by using my special privileges store discount card—another load of baloney that needs a blog post all it’s own.

I do not have food stamps (Although I could probably qualify) and I do not get welfare assistance—I pay my own way for everything.

But I am fairly certain that there are somewhere around 33 million people out there somewhere who do have food stamps and I wonder sometimes what would happen to them if someone like some Right Wing Extremeist Nerd Ball ever got enough of his or her own kind together to actually grab hold of the government again and do away with all the social safety net programs.

I watched a movie last night about how things were in England during The Margaret Thatcher administration—it showed the Prime Minister dancing with old Ronnie—Those were hard times over there for what a lot of people like to call “The Common Working People” (Definition: The un-rich).

Maybe all this stuff I am taking about here is a precursor to the misery that would come if Reichties get control of The White House and Both Houses of Congress in 2012.

I wonder if it is possible for people living in the Border States to whip across to Mexico and find better prices on groceries?  Does anyone know about this and wish to share what they do know?

I hope America is paying attention.

Check it out about Rosanne running for President: 

(Posted by John Liming as part of his continuing Diaries of Political Opinions.)

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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