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“The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.” Thomas Jefferson

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“Avoid the subject of politics in society, and generally indeed... shun disputation on every subject, which never did convince an antagonist, and too often alienates a friend, besides being always an uneasy thing to a good-humored society.” Thomas Jefferson
A Realpolitik - The Jefferson Tree

Suggestion: Enact some private security within OWS…

Enacting some form of internal security to protect against those that would disrupt or cause problems within this ‘peaceful’ protests is essential. 

Choose volunteers (mostly women) and use hundreds. Identify them with OWS’s own colors and let them maintain the peace. Equip them with communications and keep an open line with the police. This is the only way you will maintain the privileges allowed for a peaceful demonstration.

Do not enforce, simply encircle troublemakers and bring in the police to remove them…

Author: A Realpolitik - The Jefferson Tree

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3 comments to Suggestion: Enact some private security within OWS…

  • (Enacting some form of internal security) This might be misinterpreted by regular police as some kind of paramilitarism and that could give an impression that the groups are becoming more aggressive and, therefore,more deserving of closer surveillance. If the word got out that he Occupy Groups were forming “Security” forces, the outside world could easily jump on that as something more dangerous to society than they already are considered in some circles.

    (Choose volunteers (mostly women)– Iwould think that they would want to avoid the impression of using women as frontline defenses against aggression– that just doesn’t sit well with some people who might see “Defense” as a primarily male pass time.

    (keep an open line with the police.)–from what is am reading about all this, the “Police” involved do not particularly want to be seen as “Cooperating” with the Movements. It might give the impression that the opposing municipalities have suddenly come into sympathy and support for the protesters. That wouldn’t be a good political move.

    (Do not enforce, simply encircle troublemakers and bring in the police to remove them…)—the problem with this idea lies in a modern concept of police work called “Pro-Active Policing.” Pro active policing does not “Take one side over another in confrontations. Pro active policing calls for the arrest of all involved and depends on the courts to sort the mess out.

    If there is to be a solution to this, then the people involved should study the History of the Civil Rights Movement and see how similar issues were solved in that memorable moment.

    It may be that the governing authorities are the ones mis-behaving in this crisis. I remember when enforcement of Civil Rights required the near arrest of the Governor of a State. I think the “Authorities” have some accountability for their actions too…especially their seeming blatant disregard for the rights and safety of the protesters.

  • I did not say arm their security. Cannot be paramilitary if unarmed.

    Choosing volunteers, mostly women, is a common practice to show non-forceful actions in producing results.

    Maintaining open communication with police is the only way to show that the internal security is working with the police to keep it peaceful.

    Segregating the trouble makers by surrounding them with non-violent women would not be misconstrued.

    Yes I agree, but that movement did not suffer from black infiltrators trying to create problems. It was very easy to distinguish between.

    I have to believe the police are primarily concerned with keeping it peaceful.

  • Yes, “Peacefully” macing 84-year-old women and “Peacefully” exploding flash-bang concussion devices against civilians who are unarmed and “Peacefully” beating people and “Peacefully” shoving them to the ground and “Peacefully” manhandling them and “Peacefully” shooting them with rubber bullets.I sure hope I never have to learn to be peaceful by having a police baton crash against the side of my head. It would be effective, of course and the peace could be secured by knocking the demonstrators senseless– yes, I imagine that could be an effective peace-keeping measure. Sure! I agree with that! Are there no less intrusive methods of keeping the peace that could be employed ? Do terror tactics have to be employed against these “Sheep?”

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