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Presidential Support Of Gay Marriage Stirs Controversy!

According to one article I have read, America’s Black Churches have had varied responses to President Obama’s recent announcement of his decision to stand in favor of Gay Marriages.

In other articles I have read, it has not only been Black Churches that have been stirred, but many others as well—some Mainline and some not-so-Main-Line.

It is reported that a lot of people including some Church folks have just simply decided to stay quiet about the issue while others have come forward reportedly breathing Heck (Substitute word for another word indicating a place of fiery eternal torment for errant souls as described in some Christian-Oriented belief systems)  Fire and Brimstone about it— Heck Fire and Brimstone!

Darn, I hate having to struggle to be politically correct all the time! I just wish I could come out and say what I think rather than searching for “Acceptable” words—but then, I guess there are some times when Freedom of Speech might go a little too far—particularly when it might step on some toes of some who have deep sensibilities about such things.—“Heck Fire!”

Yes, it has been reported that there have been all kinds of emotional responses to The President’s stated position—what else is new?  Doesn’t just about anything this President does or says have some kind of ripple effect on some emotions in one corner of the country or the other?

Some people have reportedly been overjoyed at the President’s position while others have been all over the emotional spectrum—everything from simply “Hurt” to Furious.”

Oh well!

Personally, I fail to understand all the hullabaloo!

I guess this “Land Of The Free” has always more or less decided there are some members within it’s Society who must have certain of their Freedoms kind of restricted so that the others—the ones with the power, money and influence—can feel safer or better about themselves.

I have always like one saying about Gay Marriage that I heard somewhere once—“If you don’t like Gay Marriages, don’t get one!”

As an American I have but one question about this whole mess: “Why in the Heck (There it is again) can’t people just go about their own business, mind their own business, quit trying to make other people’s business their business, enjoy their freedoms as Americans and leave each other the Heck alone?

I guess that would be too simple!

O.K., final question here:

“I can remember when a whole lot of “Churches” had issues back in the 1950s and 60s over the questions surrounding desegregation and Civil Rights issues too.

Some were Pro-Civil Rights and some were Anti.

But that issue was kind of settled wasn’t it?  I don’t even hear conversations about that issue anymore, do you?

You know what?

I am confident the day will come when all Americans will finally enjoy equality under The Constitution and we won’t be hearing many conversations about the “Gay Marriage” issue either.

Personally, I can identify far more serious matters facing this Nation than that one.

Let us just accept that either everyone is Free or no one is Free and be done with it!

Heck, folks—America or not?

Why should it be any more complicated than that?

Read more about it in the following link if you wish to do so:

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

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