If the thousands of protesters in Zuccotti Park are not allowed to stay, expect tens of thousands to show up tomorrow.

I am a sixty year old man and I cannot afford to go all the way to New York. Given this, if these protesters are not allowed to remain there in defiance of ANY court order, I will be getting on a bus.

It is time for America to stand up to this, whether you support OWS or not. This is the right to protest we are taking about, something America was founded on.

I predict, if police and the Major are foolish enough to attempt to disrupt this peaceful protest, they can expect tens of thousands to descend upon their state and the city of new York.

I have always said that we need millions of people to walk on Washington in order to get things done and take back America.

Probably the best way to accomplish this is for the police and the Mayor to once again flagrantly pull another sneak attack at 4am.

There is a powder keg of emotions ready to explode within this movement and it will not be deterred by storm trooper tactics…

Author: A Realpolitik - The Jefferson Tree

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