Political Extremism, OWS and The American People…

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Note: This was a reply sent to a good friend and fellow blogger. I posted this to see what our readers thought. Please take the time to reply below, whether or not you agree or disagree…

OWS is not a political movement, well it is and it isn’t. There are both Republicans and Democrats in the crowd.

Believe it or not, the majority of Americans are centrists or independents. The right-wing, or for that matter, the left-wing extremist represent a very small percentage of American beliefs. The problem is, both parties have extremist. OWS does not represent either a Democratic belief or a Republican belief, they represent a cross-section of middle America that is sick to death of both political parties. I truly believe, as do many Americans, that we need smaller government but at the same time we need to reign in corporate powers.

If you really wanted to represent the American people from your blog, you would consider this. You are right, everyone is entitled to their own disposition when in comes to how they think the government should be run, and you are certainly entitled to yours. But, from where I stand I see your blog as an extreme left-wing blog who’s main purpose is to paint the ‘other’ party as devils.

This serves no good purpose, does not truly represent the mainstream thought of the American people and is what is wrong with American politics, it has become too extreme. If somehow, magically we could do away with both extreme wings of the political parties, things would get done, people would get along much better and the American people would be much better represented.

OWS, must maintain political independence… it is essential.

They are constantly asked to take a side and join a political party, but they refuse to be tied down to either. This is what makes them great. They represent the center. Those that realize both parties have created the polarization we see today by being directed by ‘their’ party leaders extremist views.

Thomas Jefferson recognized this, he recognized that political parties, although natural and essential, would inherently strive to maintain of any power and this ambition would render them partisan, authoritarian and unworkable, making any form of compromise impossible…


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1st row: Eleanor Roosevelt • Bill Richardson • Georgia O’Keeffe • John F. Kennedy • Amelia Earhart • Abraham Lincoln • Susan B. Anthony

2nd row: Edgar Allan Poe • Gloria Estefan • Martin Luther King, Jr. •Oprah Winfrey • César Chávez • Madonna • Franklin D. Roosevelt

3rd row: Raquel Welch • Michael Jackson • Hillary Rodham Clinton •Ronald Reagan • Pocahontas • Dwight D. Eisenhower • Emily Dickinson

4th row: Elvis Presley • Harriet Beecher Stowe • Neil Armstrong • Rosa Parks • Thomas Edison • Marilyn Monroe • George Washington

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