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Mari - Dogwalk Musings

Me Me Me! It’s All About Me!

If there is anyone more into themselves than the President strutting his stuff on the anniversary of bin Laden’s demise it has to be the last three Republican primary candidates after it became clear Mitt Romney would become the nominee.

Graciousness, if nothing else, would have the President heaping praise on the officers who planned the mission and most certainly the Seals who carried it out.  But no.  It’s all about him.

The same seems to hold true with Santorum, Gingrich and Paul. Each wants his pound of flesh. Hello?  They lost.  Paul continues to say he won’t drop out due to his differences with Romney; that he may not even endorse him.  I’ve often wondered what value there is in a begrudged endorsement in the first place.  The endorsements that count are those that come from the ballot box and those are the ones that went to Romney.

Mr. Santorum agrees that Romney will be the nominee.  He is withholding his official endorsement until Romney promises to accede to conservative demands. I don’t know Rick.  Enough of them left you high and dry that Romney has the nod rather than you.  A bit cheeky, aren’t you?

Of course there is Newt too.  Not only does he want help in rehabilitating his reputation, such as it is, he wants help in forgiving his campaign debt.  I know it is not uncommon for the winners to help the losers for the sake of common cause, but really.  For someone who came across as a loose cannon more than a man of bold vision, who was continually condescending to the voters and even worse to the other candidates, you’re asking a lot.

The “me generation” has put a different face on politics it would seem.  Now the losers are making demands of the winners in exchange for rather dubious support.

I don’t know if Romney can beat Obama or not.  It’s really too soon to tell.  One thing that might be indicitive is how well the “me’s” did in the primaries versus a more “we” oriented Romney.  There is no bigger “me” out there than the President.  Just listen to him.

Mari - Dogwalk Musings

Author: Mari - Dogwalk Musings

I have insatiable curiosity and an innate desire to find out whatever happened to common sense and the spirit of human kindness. For nine years I walked the same route with my dog, day in and day out. This blog began as a compilation of things I thought about while walking with him. I'm sometimes right, sometimes not - but I'm always open to intelligent and civil discussion.

1 comment to Me Me Me! It’s All About Me!

  • I believe it is most appropriate for a President who is running for re-election to point out accomplishments that bear his personal stamp.

    The opposition certainly will waste no effort in trying to steer the attention of The American People away from anything good the President has done.

    The opposition will try to downplay or deny anything President Obama has had as a positive because, as you might recall, they once declared that their main objective was to see to it that he does not get a second term.

    I think they will go to any lengths to make sure they get their way.

    It is perfectly appropriate for the President to present his record at this critical juncture.

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