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“Let common sense and common honesty have fair play, and they will soon set things to rights.” Thomas Jefferson

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“The truth is that the greatest enemies to the doctrines of Jesus are those calling themselves the expositors of them, who have perverted them for the structure of a system of fancy absolutely incomprehensible, and without any foundation in his genuine words.” Thomas Jefferson
B Schiff - Dominance Games / Politics

Let me rot in the gutter in peace

So, the strong bastards buy and sell us…… F… you.

So, poor people don’t eat ….. F … you more.

Work is for honest people.

Honest work is for those with a sneer.

So, unions protect job quality for the rest of us ….. Scr.. you and the dogs you believe in.

So, regulations reign in the powers of the powerful.   Up yours.

So, government is a counter balance to those too big to give a damn….. Shut the f… up.

So, civilized society demands a reasonable safety net… In your dreams.  You pay for it.

So, either you like winners or you like losers.  Scum rat and bottom feeder that you are … cry a little more.

Power pushes wheels…if some poor downtrodden wastes of time  get crushed in the process ….It ain’t f…in me.

Get a job.

Kiss the boots of those who provide for you.

Know your betters ….Damn commie, socialist pinko that you are.

The lord helps them who help themselves….. Guns work.

Don’t mess with me boy.  Don’ tread on me boy…… let me rot in the gutter in peace.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis….

The dumb …… the honored creed.

The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…

B Schiff - Dominance Games / Politics

Author: B Schiff - Dominance Games / Politics

A damned scholar B. Schiff writes to avoid ennui... Erudition, awareness, cynicism, nonsense. The latter. The former. The honored creed. A rancid bastard is value. Books I am pushing….. Dominance Games: An Essay on Power A Novel Lust Games: An Essay on Honor A Novel Void Games: An Essay on Revenge A Novel ….. due Aug.

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