Is it time for a National Identification Card?

I know what everyone is going to say…, Big Brother Is Watching You.

Let me see, we have drivers licenses, insurance cards, voter identification cards, social security cards, credit cards, health insurance cards, prescription cards, membership cards, etc., etc. I am sure there are many other ‘cards’ we carry depending on the individual. Cards are used for everything and have become inseparable from our new technologically advanced way of life.

The world has moved on, whether we like it or not, bringing with it technology we could not have envisioned thirty ago much less one hundred years ago. You pretty much have a card for everything you want to do in life. Kind of creeps me out when I think about it, and God forbid if we lose our ‘cards’.  That’s it, game over.

Never thought I would see the day when I would even consider it but I have to ask myself, is it time for a National Identification Card? Perhaps a system that allows you to incorporate all of your cards and accounts into one easy to access source. Absolutely everything combined into one easy to carry multiple use card? Better yet, why not go with the chip…, ?

I currently carry a commercial drivers license that is national identification. You have a very large group of Americans that are federal employees or contractors to the government who already carry national identification. Then you have all of the military that carry their service member identification card and even after you are out of the service you are required to carry a card.

What I am trying to say is this, we are already connected and identified through so many resources that whether you like it or not you are nationally identifiable. Everyone has  social security cards and numbers, phone numbers, credit cards and purchase information that travels with you and is traceable. A well-connected person looking to find out about you does not have far to go to locate the information they are seeking.

Considering the problems we are having in this country with terrorism and the illegal immigration issue, we should seriously take this into consideration. If you choose, you can opt-out of the identification program making it entirely voluntary. I will be the first in line for the implant!

I believe it is time for a one-card system that allows multi-use capabilities with an embedded chip in your arm that renders the card useless unless you are the one using the card. Sure there will be problems with people going to the credit card machine carrying someones arm, but we will work those out. There are just to many cards and way to much clutter.

It is time to modern up to a new way of thinking, living and functioning in a world filled with increasing technology.

I really like the part about the chip…

John Gilbert – The Jefferson Tree

Author: A Realpolitik - The Jefferson Tree

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