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Has Right Wing Religion Invaded Your Public School Yet?

Right Wing Radical Religion may soon be making an appearance at your friendly local taxpayer-supported public school according to some reports that I have been reading lately.

Imagine how it would feel if your kid came home from school and informed you that his or her teacher (Or Teacher aide) informed the class today that God prefers Republicans over Democrats and that that if you want to be a “Real” American, you had better get on the Right Wing Religious Bandwagon post haste.

It is not an impossible scenario because I understand that some Right Wing Religious fanatics have started using some Supreme Court decisions as a ticket for infiltrating public schools with their “Positive Christian Values” and that they are free as birds to evangelize school kids whenever they darned well please and there isn’t a blessed thing that can be done to stop them.

In my view, nothing has polarized families, whole communities and The United States of America as much as the aggressive attempts to evangelize every living soul with the corrosive doctrines of  the Far Right Wing Politically Radical “Gee-Zuss, King James and Guns” crowd.

Now, the Pew Jumpers and Bible Wavers reportedly have the backing of The United States Supreme Court to indoctrinate our children with their propaganda  right inside the very school rooms where these impressionable young minds are often a captive audience. 

Please, somebody– tell me it ain’t so!

The movement that is afoot to do this awful (And, in my opinion, “Dangerous”) deed is reported to be backed by millions of dollars and well-organized groups and I have heard that their goal is to continually find ways to make sure the vice-like grip of Church gains an ever-increasingly tenacious hold on the minds and hearts of innocent and trusting  school children. (Whether anyone wants this to happen or not.)

I have always said that we have America’s first Religious Political Party in the Contemporary Right Wing Conservative movements.

Now, I guess I have to add that if we aren’t awfully careful, many of our taxpayer-supported Public Schools may become little more than unofficial platforms for one form or another of some one’s idea of evangelistic/fundamentalist-leaning “Bible-Believing” life view.

So I guess the question becomes, “Has your own Public School” suddenly become “Christianized” through some subtle invasion of the curriculum by Right Wing Religious Histrionics?

Have you discovered that some good sister or brother from a local handy, dandy Hallelujah Megalith  is actually teaching a ( Spirit-Filled ) “Bible Appreciation” class to your innocent kids?

Has your own child come home from school and informed you that if you don’t get your act straight and “Get Saved” and “Join a Bible-Believing, Spirit-Filled Church and Vote Republican in every election” that you are going to go to an eternally-burning Eternity of torture in a Devil’s “Hay-ell?”

Friends, I have always been an advocate for Freedom of Religion and  the separation of church and state and I certainly don’t want the religious crowd twisting the minds of our kids with their subtle little hogwash doctrines that are designed to move our Democratic Republic toward Theocracy and it frosts my pa-tookie whenever I hear about this kind of audacity that I am writing about here in this blog post.

Let us have an America that honors “Freedom OF Religion” so long as there is also ample room for the often likewise attractive doctrine of “Freedom FROM Religion.”

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Posted by John Liming as strictly his own personal political opinion.

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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