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Conservatives Should Consider French Election Results!

With all the talk about the “Ryan” budget plan with it’s reportedly many and severe proposed  cuts to the social safety net, Republicans who embrace such ideas should probably pay a lot of close attention to the political fate of the “Architects of Austerity” who just incurred the political wrath of The French People in the recently concluded elections over there.

If that is not enough enticement for the party of No, Nothing and Nonsense, then maybe they should take another look at Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and other states where what once looked like premium Right Wing victories have soured in the stomachs of the Electorate and where “Buyer’s Remorse” has apparently sparked unprecedented recall campaigns against some of those who have been tagged as extremeist incumbents—the ones who reportedly forgot about their campaign promises and are said in some circles to have set to the task of destroying Public Sector Unions and a lot of the “Good Stuff” that People had come to rely upon in difficult times.

I have the opinion that trying to legislate Austerity onto the populace might not be such a bad thing when times are tough…as long as the Austerity is going to affect all levels of the Economy in the same or in a similar manner.

But to impose requirements for Austerity onto a suffering People when it is common knowledge that the upper crust is not going to feel any of the pinch is, in my estimation, political suicide for those who try it.

It sort of reminds me of “Let Them Eat Cake.”

And, in a symbolic manner—in an allegorical sense—the outcome might be similar as well…an enraged middle class using their God-Given power  of the vote to put the 1% greed and power hogs out of the business of oppressing common folks for profit.

At least, one can hope and pray that is what happens.  I do not know—but I do not believe—that Big Money has yet had the ability to purchase the souls of Mankind to the point where they will not still rebel against the lash of their oppressors—by kicking their miserable rear ends out of their vaunted positions at election time.

Stinging judgements and sharp rebukes to power structures that seek to make life miserable for wide segments of a population in a governed nation are still (In my view) viable instruments for levelling the economic playing field and if things get any worse than they are now and if Americans make the mistake of electing a Right Wing majority in 2012 I think things like Occupy Wall Street will have a much greater following than they enjoy even now.   

If the American Radical Right—the ones who stood proudly in their unmitigaged arrogance and declared to the world that their main purpose in life was to insure that our incumbent President would be denied a second term in office keeps on running their obstructionist and intransigent mouths without anything concrete to back their failed policies up, the sleeping tiger called “America” will awaken to their machinations some sweet day and there will be Heck (Nicer word for the mythical bad place where devils live and torture reigns) to pay with an America that is getting tireder and tireder of their false promises and less-than-life-enhancing ways.

Personally, I do not wish to endure the pains of another Conservative administration.  The last one was bad enough.  You would think that people would have learned something from the losses they syffered as a result of that last one…but if that is what it takes to finally bring people to a sense of what is right for this country, then so be it.

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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