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Are Teacher Pay Raises Against The Bible?

Here Is the story as I understand it, folks!

According to recently-published information, at least one State Senator from Alabama believes that it is against Biblical Principles for teachers to receive raises in their salaries.

I guess part of the argument that was presented about this included the feeling that “It’s a Biblical Principle that if you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t “Called” to teach.

I have heard of people being “Called” to preach the Gospel, but I have never before heard the idea that people might have to be “Called” in order to teach in a school system.

This brings up some interesting questions for me. These questions may or may not be completely divorced from the subject matter of the article I was reading about what was reportedly said about teacher salaries, but these questions are on my mind and are more or less related to things that could happen under certain circumstances.

For example: Can we envision the time in this country when there will be a requirement for people to be “Called” for other lines of work?

If Fringe Conservatism were to somehow get control of the government and pass a lot of laws based on some religious ideology, is it possible that the Law itself might someday require “Callings” for such jobs as pipe fitters, mechanics, beauticians, fast food workers, electricians, shoe masons, police, fire fighters and so on and so forth?

Taking that idea to another level, is it possible that the day might come in America when a person who is applying for any kind of job might be required to show proof of their regular attendance at some church or other “Christian” organization as a condition of consideration for employment?

I have yet another question about the idea of being “Called” for some kind of work: “If it is true that doubling a teacher’s pay scale might attract people who are not all that qualified to teach, is it conversely true that if you were to cut the teacher’s pay scale in half or even further that you would automatically attract the most qualified teachers?

Somehow, about now, I am getting the idea that there are some people– quite possibly some of those in the Fringe Areas of Conservatism–who may believe that the “Christian” thing is to pay employees as little as can be paid to anyone who might be fool enough to work for whatever is offered.

Why do I get the impression sometimes that if we were living under domination of some kind of Dominionist “Christian” Conservative Theocracy that Liberals, Democrats and Progressives wouldn’t ever be able to get any kind of gainful employment under any circumstances?

Is it possible that someday in America, workers won’t get a wage or a salary at all but will receive only what an employer thinks they are worth for the effort they have expended at their jobs?

Can a scenario develop where a worker is told at the end of a shift, “You haven’t worked as hard today as I know you can, so I am only paying you half a day’s wages for today?”

How about if workers are someday docked for the time they spend on lunches, breaks and in the bathroom?

That is the kind of stuff that can happen when Unions are destroyed and when there is no longer any such thing as minimum wage laws or worker protections on the job because of safety regulations and Laws concerning fair labor standards.

The Right To Work concept would be a typical beginning to the kinds of conditions I have just described as far as I am concerned.

I cannot believe I got all these thoughts in my head from reading a single short article on the Internet.

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