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America Needs To Dump All Entitlements Now!

America is one place on the face of the Earth where the Rich can get almost as rich as they could ever hope to be and where not every Middle Class Worker or Poor Person can become President.

To hear some people tell it—particularly some people who live on the Right side of the political spectrum, America is top-heavy now with expensive and unsustainable “Entitlement” Programs designed to give assistance to those Citizens who just might not be lucky enough to be independently wealthy.

It looks to me like The Right Wing—Conservatives, Republicans and other Righties—work very hard sometimes to get the message across that America must take immediate and significant action to curtail, cut back or eliminate these “Wasteful” entitlements before all the money runs out and the country goes belly up because of them all.

Is that another way of asking, “If America keeps on paying out all those entitlements, will the time come when the Rich might be hard pressed to find additional sources of income from within the boundaries of The American Social Order?

Some of the less intelligent and more apparently  unaware among the Right Fringers seem to have the idea that if we get rid of all “Them Thar In-Titlements” we can “Git Rid Of The National Deficits” once and for all.

Let us  not forget for a minute  that “Gittin’ Rid” of the entitlements would also mean throwing millions of people who need this kind of help onto what might amount to an allegorical burning brush pile of need, want and despair that would equal that of any undeveloped nation on Earth.

Imagine, if you can, millions of retired elderly people suddenly without their Social Security!  In many cases, that monthly stipend (Which they have contributed to all their working lives) might be the only income they have. Maybe the $l,347.00 or so that some of them get might be the only thing standing between them and starvation or eviction into the streets—or both!

I think it would suddenly become “Cat Food City” for many of them.

I think Social Security is one of the “Entitlements” that the some of the (I am not going to say it)  and their cronies might just as well leave their grasping little mitts off of for awhile yet. America, in my opinion, is not ready to look upon the horrible destitution that could befall a very large segment of our population if Social Security were put on the chopping block.

Privatization of Social Security?  Nonsense!  Hogwash and poppycock!

What happens when Social Security gets privatized and the “Account Managers” administering the individual accounts start sticking their “Fees” to the account holders and what happens when the Money Markets to which privatized Social Security would surely be tied take their very predictable “Dives?”

I think that under those kinds of circumstances, the beneficiary of Social Security might very well see what is now a regular $1,300 check become a $300 check for God only knows how many months.

“But when things are good, the beneficiaries would realize profits!” The Rightie will argue.

What the Rightie isn’t saying is that when there are profits to be gained from a good Money Market, the unregulated financial institutions who administer the privatized accounts would be able to scam the beneficiaries almost any way they would want to and never have to worry about any repercussions. (Just like the Big financial institutions who reportedly do all the gambling with investor funds in their “Derivatives” are alleged to do today—and they get away with it because there is no effectively-enforced regulation in place to make any of it illegal…yet!) That is the way I hear it anyways!

There is no doubt in my mind that Medicare and Medicaid could be safely axed because I can remember the time when neither one of them were anywhere to be found and Senior Citizens were managing to suffer and pass away using whatever resources they could muster under the Conservative ideals of Self-Reliance and Self-Sufficiency—so yeah, we could get rid of both of these “Entitlements” and do a real service to the ultra wealthy by releasing all those “Wasted” funds to new and bigger tax breaks for the upper 1%. 

Yes!  Let’s do Medicare and Medicaid—might be good for private hospitals, nursing homes and mortuaries. It would be good for the Real Estate Business too as people would be forced to sell their family homes to meet their outrageously high medical expenses—just like in those wonderful Retro Years that Rightie wants to take us all back to.

When we are eliminating the “Entitlements,” let us not forget nor forsake the “Wasteful” expenditures on those who have given their utmost in defense of our Freedoms and Liberties—We could save scads of extra money for the National Budget if we could somehow cut out or seriously cut back on all those “Veterans Health Benefits” and the G.I. Bill and all that kind of stuff, couldn’t we? 

Where is it written that once a Veteran has completed his or her tours of duty that the country actually owes them anything more than the monthly paychecks and allowances they earned during their tours of duty? 

I mean, they were paid, weren’t they?  Is it any skin off the National Nose if some of these “Heroes” weren’t savvy enough to save up their money and invest it so they could have something to show for their time in service when it was all said and done?  Yes, the billionaires could reap serious money from the funds that could be saved by eliminating all those Veteran Benefits in my opinion.

I hope this kind of thinking never gets too much traction from the budget whackers in Rightie’s corner of Congress because I am a Veteran and I darned well need my VA Health Care.  I couldn’t make it without it actually!  Losing VA Health Care would be total devastation for me. When I was doing the “Trash Talk” about the VA, I was attempting to mimick what I see as Right Wing thinking and—believe me—I was being totally facetious!

Unemployment Compensation shouldn’t be overlooked here either, friends.  When I look at “Unemployment Insurance” and those long lines of people waiting to sign up for their “Unemployment” I can’t help but wonder silently to myself, “What bunch of legislative nut cases went off the deep end and decided to pay people for not working?”

If we are going to get really serious about saving money for the Gubmint, let us also consider dumping the habit of paying farmers for not tilling their land and for not planting certain crops.

If the land isn’t under cultivation and planting and growing, then no one should be paid money just to keep it that way as far as I am concerned. It should be with farms and crops the same way it should be with people—if no work is being performed and no product being produced, then no pay should be given.  Wouldn’t that be more in line with Conservatist faux thinking?

Let Agricultural Producers compete just like any other business and let the prices for their goods fluctuate with supply and demand just like anything else. 

There is no need for the government to be performing “Price Support”  functions by paying those who live off the soil for not working the soil.

And while we are on the subject of Gubmint Hand Outs and “Welfare” Programs– aren’t all those Public Sector Unions nothing but fancy “Welfare” gimmicks paid for on the backs of the Honest, hard-Working Taxpayers? 

Who needs police when we have all these new concealed carry laws in effect now?

Isn’t there the remotest possibility that the vigilantes who patrol neighborhoods could handle the job at a much cheaper rate? 

If someone had foresight about policing neighborhoods, I think they might want to get into the History Books and ressurect those old gangs of volunteer horse rangers.  They were both effective and cheap! (Bicycles would make a good substitute for horses in my view—or rollerboards—or skates.

America could sell off some of those high-falutin’ monolithic court houses too.  We could do just as well with traveling circuit judges operating out of store fronts at much less expense to the taxpayer.

Too, if people wanted to, they could haul their own garbage off to the dump and they could dig wells in their backyards and do away with the need for all those expensive sanitation departments—and a return to the days of the lime-pitted outhouse could effectively eliminate the need for outrageously expensive, taxpayer-eating sewers and their attendant processing plants too. (They  are much to smelly to begin with.)

Now, if I haven’t been sounding like some wide-eyed Right Wing Extremest for the past few paragraphs, I am sure that the Rightie Troll will soon appear to set me straight.

I hope that people do understand that as I have been railing against “Entitlements” in this argument, I have been doing it with tongue in cheek and as sort of a morbid humor in an attempt to illustrate the absolutely empty-headedness of some of the fiscal positions and attitudes of many of those poor unfortunate souls —those who live on the not-too-bright Right side of American politics today. 

Yes, folks—it is all nothing but a little good old fashioned, tongue in cheek humor here…all harmless…all in good fun…

To sum it all up:  I am darned glad America has had the foresight to incorporate what Rightie likes to call “Entitlements” into Her National Character.  While the doomsayers from the edges of Radical  Conservatism are bemoaning the coming time when all the money is sure to run out for all these programs, I am more inclined to believe that good old American Ingenuity will find a way to sustain them like it always has—because that is how America became great in the first place and that is how She stays great today.

When the chips are down and all is said and done, I am sure that the same America who has always finally agreed on expanding our Freedoms and benefits, will find a way to do it again when it is needed because that is The American Spirit and that is The American Way.  In the end, regardless of the cost, Americans have always come together on the side of Righteousness and done the Right (Not the Rightist) thing for their fellow Citizens.  I do not look for that to change because of a few noisy radicals chanting their mantras of doom and gloom about Liberals, Progressives and Democrats.

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John Liming - American Liberal Times

Author: John Liming - American Liberal Times

I am an American Man, 72-years-old, and a Veteran of The U.S. Military. I have served honorably in both The United States Army (National Guard) and The United States Air Force for a total of seven years and three months active duty during what is now known as The Vietnam Era. I am a concerned citizen and refer to myself as "A Crazy Left Wing Liberal Nut Case with occasional Right Wing Conservative tendencies. I am particular fearful that we might get to the point, in our internal power struggles where we would be a One Party Nation.

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