A Royal Dog House

I’m off for the remainder of the week.  Occasionally, usually when I remember, I’ll post something different from my usual haranguing just to break up the routine.

This is the royal dog house at Chateau De Gruyeres in Switzerland.  I thought it funny that dogs would be relegated to such plebeian housing when pets of royalty!

Anyway, maybe you can think of who, including me, deserves to be in it over the next few days.  Post your suggestions if you’d like and if there’s a good story to be had I’ll write it!

Author: Mari - Dogwalk Musings

I have insatiable curiosity and an innate desire to find out whatever happened to common sense and the spirit of human kindness. For nine years I walked the same route with my dog, day in and day out. This blog began as a compilation of things I thought about while walking with him. I'm sometimes right, sometimes not - but I'm always open to intelligent and civil discussion.

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